A Mobile Agents based Infrastructure to deliver value added services in SOAs

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Rocco Aversa
Beniamino Di Martino
Salvatore Venticinque
Nicola Mazzocca


The integration of Web Services and Software Agents brings new
opportunities to deliver value added services in SOAs. This paper describes the functional model, the architecture design and the prototypal implementation of a platform for services adaptation and delivery.
Agents technology is exploited to reconfigure
the server platform to adapt the service provision to heterogeneous and handled devices. Virtual services are built on the platform for each client profile by conditioning the SOAP requests coming from WS requestors and adapting the returned responses.
A general straightforward approach to extend client application in order to exploit platform facilities is described. Mobile agents are able to access and compose services
accessing them by standard interfaces. User authentication,
service discovery and publication, personalization are other
provided facilities. Technological interoperability is provided by
Web Services technology.

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