Software Development and Verification of Dynamic Real-Time Distributed Systems Based on the Radio Broadcast Paradigm

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Jan van Katwijk
Ruud C. M. de Rooij
Sylvia Stuurman
Hans Toetenel


The combination of an increased power of computer systems and a marriage between computing and communication causes an enormous increase in the complexity of applications in almost all domains. This also applies to the real-time and the embedded domains, where construction of distributed applications is a major research area. In our research, we develop a framework for the systematic development of distributed real-time control applications. We emphasize the use of pragmatic sound approaches in the design steps of the development process, preferrably based on some common architectural style. For Analyzing and validating critical elements of design and implementation, we emphasize the use of formalisms, however. Complexity of applications is such that for real verification and validation, proof or model-checking techniques are required. We use formalized abstraction as a technique for obtaining the appropriate templates from design and implementation. These abstractions are then dealt with in a model-checkingand analysis tool set. In this paper we show some elements of our approach, in particular we describe the architectural style that we are using, the Radio Broadcast Paradigm, and wedemonstrate the viability of our approach by showing a case study.

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