Influence of Montoring: Fog and Edge Computing

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Vivek Kumar Prasad
Madhuri D Bhavsar
Sudeep Tanwar


The evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) has augmented the necessity for Cloud, edge and fog platforms. The chief benefit of cloud-based schemes is they allow data to be collected from numerous services and sites, which is reachable from any place of the world. The organizations will be benefited by merging the cloud platform with the on-site fog networks and edge devices and as result, this will increase the utilization of the IoT devices and end users too. The network traffic will reduce as data will be distributed and this will also improve the operational efficiency. The impact of monitoring in edge and fog computing can play an important role to efficiently utilize the resources available at these layers. This paper discusses various techniques involved for monitoring for edge and fog computing and its advantages. The paper ends with a case study to demonstarte the need of monitoring in fog and edge in the healthcare system.

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