Optimization Algorithm for Urban Rail Transit Operation Scheduling based on Linear Programming

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Shuang Wu
Jinlong Wu
Yifeng Sun
Tong Yao


At present, the traditional urban public transportation system cannot meet people’s daily travel needs. Urban Rail Transit (URT) has been rapidly promoted in major cities due to its advantages such as low energy consumption, high frequency, and large traffic volume. To achieve a more excellent and energy-saving operation scheduling strategy, the research first combines the train dynamics model and the energy consumption model. Since the optimization problem of URT is a linear problem, the attraction model of the Firefly algorithm can determine the calculation time consumed by the algorithm, which is very suitable for the complex optimization problem of URT. Therefore, the FA based optimization algorithm for urban rail transit operation scheduling (FURTOSO) based on the Firefly algorithm is studied and designed. Therefore, based on the study of the four working conditions of traction, cruise, coasting, and braking, a Firefly Algorithm for Urban Rail Transit Operation Scheduling (FURTOSO) was designed. Finally, the study optimizes the operation scheduling of Chengdu Metro Line 8 from two aspects: driving strategy and train schedule. The research demonstrates that the FURTOSO algorithm only needs 76 iterations to reach a stable state, with a fitness value of 0.6827. In practical applications, the utilization rate of train RBE is 30.1%, the total energy consumption (TEC) is 2.661 * 1011J, and the energy saving rate is 13.03%. In summary, the FURTOSO algorithm proposed in the study has excellent performance and has better energy-saving effects in Chengdu Metro Line 8.

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Special Issue - Cloud Computing for Intelligent Traffic Management and Control