Research on Intelligent Transformation Platform of Scientific and Technological Achievements Based on Topic Model Algorithm and Its Application

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Jing Wang
Kai Wang
Yanfei Chang


Being an integral component of the national scientific and technological innovation structure, the conversion of scientific and technological breakthroughs shifts these discoveries from mere theoretical concepts to practical applications. However, this transformation process encounters issues concerning suboptimal efficiency and standards. This research investigates into the LDA theme model to extract pivotal terms and thematic phrases representing scientific and technological advancements. The aim is to ensure precise representation and endorsement, consequently enhancing the efficiency and quality of the conversion process for academic institutions and businesses. Subsequently, this paper establishes a platform for converting scientific and technological breakthroughs while examining the subsystems of information management, retrieval, and recommendations about these breakthroughs. This platform also includes aspects such as transactions and the delivery of achievements. Additionally, an analysis is conducted on the application effects of the scientific and technological achievement (STA) transformation platform, considering the transformation results and the operational evaluation of these scientific and technological innovations.


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Special Issue - Next generation Pervasive Reconfigurable Computing for High Performance Real Time Applications