Research on the Evaluation Model of Students' Foreign Language Learning Situation based on Oriented Online Teaching Collaboration Platform

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Fei He


Internet + Education makes online teaching gradually penetrate the education industry, and makes the industry enter a great revolution based on information technology. The traditional student learning evaluation system cannot satisfy the actual demand of current learning evaluation. This paper constructs an evaluation model for the foreign language learning of online students. Firstly, the DBSCAN algorithm with distance optimization is used to conduct cluster analysis on the description indicators of student behavior, and the student groups with different behavior characteristics are obtained. Then the ANOVA F-test was used to extract the features of different student groups. Finally, a novel N-Adaboost algorithm based on multiple classifiers is proposed and a model is constructed to evaluate students’ foreign language learning. The experimental results show that the accuracy of the evaluation model is 74.02% in the pass and fail groups and 73.74% in the excellent and non-excellent groups. Students’ listening, speaking, and reading abilities are in a state of upward development overall through the online teaching collaboration platform, but their writing ability is obviously declining. There is a great improvement in foreign language vocabulary. This study provides a new perspective of thinking for the improvement of the quality of school teaching management, the analysis of students’ behavior, and the evaluation of learning situations, and provides a new solution for the problem of students’ learning situations in modern information teaching.

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Special Issue - Scalable Computing in Online and Blended Learning Environments: Challenges and Solutions