Comprehensive Evaluation Model for Competitiveness of Mass Media Companies in the IoT Sensor Networks

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Mengying Xi


Mass media companies can be elaborated as organizations that manipulate technological components for their various departments such as movie studios, publishing houses, radio and television station management teams that impact a large range of audience via vast communication strategies. The companies have also been referred to as media conglomerates, media groups, or media houses further illustrating their grasp over the global markets and their revenue structures. The largest media companies such as Apple, Disney, and Comcast among others, offer products and services to users that are diverse individuals as well as large organizations leading to significant revenues as well as challenges that have been further explored in a comprehensive manner in the study. IoT utilizes wireless networks that are without infrastructure to install a huge number of wireless sensors that track system, physical, and environmental conditions. If you're wanting to integrate WSN into your business, our highly driven and experienced engineers can give you an all-encompassing solution.


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Special Issue - Scalability and Sustainability in Distributed Sensor Networks