Methodology for Developing an IoT-based Parking Space Counter System using XNO

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Sujanavan Tiruvayipati
Ramadevi Yellasiri
Vikram Narayandas
Archana Maruthavanan
Anupama Meduri


The Blockchain-IoT integration is treated as the future technological value by many adopters despite the cost or complexity involved. But, there are technological advancements brought in by communities that make solutions affordable and simple to the fact that they can be used in applications such as parking space counters. This research portrays use of XNO which is a digital currency in an alternative way to keep track of available parking spaces via IoT nodes installed at entry and exit points of parking lots. The available parking spaces data using this approach can be displayed on LED boards at the entry point of the parking lots and on a website for remote status view. An add-on for this research is the issue of entry tickets with timestamp and unique ID by using the block data during asset transfer. This research can be further enhanced for collection of parking fees by the help of IoT nodes at the exit points of the parking lots.


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Special Issue - Machine Learning and Block-chain based solution for privacy and access control in IoT