Mapping Learner's Query to Learning Objects using Topic Modeling and Machine Learning Techniques

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Souvik Sengupta
Saurabh Pal
Pijush Kanti Dutta Pramanik


Inquiry-based learning supports the independent knowledge development of the learner in an e-learning environment. It is crucial for the learner to obtain the appropriate Learning Object (LO) for the intended query. Mapping a learner's query to the right LO is a challenging task, as keyword-based searching on the topics or content does not guarantee the best result for various reasons. A query that apparently connects a topic may also implicitly refer to multiple other topics. Besides, the content of an LO with the same topic name often varies over different portals. Therefore, there is always a need for a method to automatically identify the latent topics of the query and then find the most relevant LO that covers the query. This paper aims to build a recommender system that maps a given input query to a suitable LO based on the most appropriate matching of learning contents. The proposed work employs an amalgamation of different supervised and unsupervised methods of natural language processing and machine learning. The machine learning model is trained on a handcrafted dataset to map queries into predefined topics. The proposed algorithm also leverages a dynamic topic modeling technique on learning content collected from three popular e-learning portals and uses a similarity score to map the learner's (user) query to the most appropriate LO.


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Special Issue - Sentiment Analysis and Affective computing in Multimedia Data on Social Network