Interface Control and Status Monitoring of Electronic Information Equipment based on Nonlinear Data Encryption

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Min Yan
Hua Zhang


An advanced electronic information equipment interface control and status monitoring system is proposed to ensure the fairness, objectivity, and security of information while identifying responsibility for traffic accidents. Through an in-depth analysis of the system's security requirements and the current landscape of information security technology, a robust security strategy is developed for each crucial system stage. A PC-based platform is developed for efficient data acquisition, secure processing, reliable transmission, and fortified storage, focusing on implementing nonlinear data encryption methods. Performance evaluation of the system involved rigorous testing using files ranging from 3MB to 10MB. The results of the proposed system revealed a significant improvement in the system's overall speed and efficiency, showcasing an average performance enhancement of one quarter compared to the original platform. The proposed system demonstrated an impressive 15% to 30% increase in processing speed, establishing its capability to ensure data integrity protection during information transmission, facilitate accurate identification of data recording equipment post-accident, and safeguard the security of stored data. The developed electronic information equipment interface control and status monitoring system effectively addresses critical challenges associated with ensuring data integrity and security in traffic accident investigations.

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Special Issue - Next generation Pervasive Reconfigurable Computing for High Performance Real Time Applications