Implementation of Rules and Routines in Physical Education Teaching and Learning in China

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Huimin Zhang


Physical education is a significant aspect of the Chinese education system. Moreover, on a regular basis, physical education is an integral part of the Chinese education system. Therefore, the following study looks into different rules and routines for physical education teaching and learning in China. Most of the rules and regulations are formed based on guidelines provided by the Ministry of Education. Therefore, a systematic discussion regarding physical education training in China is conducted in the analysis. The significance of physical education (PE) in the Chinese education system cannot be overstated. It serves a dual purpose by not only promoting physical fitness but also fostering holistic personal development. PE contributes to the physical well-being of students, helping them lead healthier lives, but it also instills essential life skills like teamwork, discipline, and perseverance. In China, the Ministry of Education, as the overarching authority on educational matters, plays a pivotal role in shaping the rules and routines governing physical education. These rules encompass a wide array of aspects related to the curriculum, including the allocation of resources, curriculum design, assessment, and teaching methodologies. By adhering to these regulations, educational institutions across the country can ensure a standardized and comprehensive approach to physical education.

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