Research on the Design of Integrated Energy Management and Optimization Control Systems for Novel Power Systems

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Zhiqian Yang
Xianyou Wu
Qiuhua Chen
Liangnian Lv
Lei Wu


This research paper is determining the impact of integrated energy management and optimization control for Novel power systems. Research objectives have been made based on integrating power system for reducing power consumption based on optimization parameters. Optimal control is mainly dealing with control law by finding out a given system and delivering certain criteria for achieving goals. There are mainly three parts for problem optimization purposes those are included decision, constraints and objective functions. Four different objectives has been made those are mainly discussed about the importance of the power systems regarding integrated management system. There are various factors that are affecting optimizations including the role of the multigrain recursion, global convergence, properties of the optimization model and local convergence. Along with this, the optimization control system has been played a crucial role for the power systems development purposes. Research has been based on the effective design of energy management for power systems. The primary application for the optimization techniques is based on the storage system, electromagnetic-based design and mapping design for the microwave structure. The rate of unsustainable energy management is increasing and sustainable energy management system is decreasing. The conclusion has been based on the significance of the optimization control for the power systems.

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Special Issue - Scalability and Sustainability in Distributed Sensor Networks