Study on Grid-Connected Power Quality Improvement of Wind Farms Based on Repetitive Controller

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Minjie Zhu
Liangnian Lv
Xubo Le
Haibo Li
Yucheng Gao


The project highlights the wind energy and the process followed in the wind farms in order to generate the energy by using wind power and wind capacity as well. Moreover, it has been observed that wind energy is also considered one of the most effective electrical energy sources. The application of wind energy can be beneficial for different aspects of the business sectors of different countries across the globe and this is possible because of its cost-effectiveness. Furthermore, this study encompasses the strategies employed within wind farms to preserve and efficiently harness wind power for the generation of electrical energy. Notably, the project delineates the utilization of a diverse array of instruments, each instrumental in the conversion of wind power into valuable wind energy. Beyond the realm of technology, wind farms grapple with a spectrum of formidable challenges, stemming from the inherently capricious nature of wind. In addition, various issues concerning power quality and the stability of the power system have also been identified within these wind farms. To ameliorate these multifaceted challenges, the project introduces a range of meticulous control measures for implementation.

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Special Issue - Scalability and Sustainability in Distributed Sensor Networks