Smart Farming Using the Big Data-Driven Approach for Sustainable Agriculture with IOT Deep Learning Techniques

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Buyu Wang


The study showcases the process of deep learning operated in agriculture, including Deep IoT, which makes the procedure easier using the deep neural system. The use of the IoT in the agrarian sectors makes the evolution of firms more effective. The application of the IoT detector supports the making of grade derivatives in the husbandry department. Marketing of crop finance is two other operations of smart agriculture that help for better harvest farming. Through the IoT technology in the farming industry, agriculturalists can get notifications about the temperature and climate. The method needs professional and qualified employees in the division to properly monitor the system and the methods.

The submission of the proper nourishment for the proper crop increases the life duration of the harvest and makes the crop free from menace. The velocity of the manufacture of undeveloped items can also be improved by using the IoT. The function of the BDA and IoT has enlarged for the healthier construction of farming items. The foreword of elegant farming in the rural industry requires more capable and qualified trainers to give the personnel proper teaching. The urbanization of the farming process and the use of elegant and modern technology are well-designed in the time of "Agriculture 3.0".

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Special Issue - Scalability and Sustainability in Distributed Sensor Networks