Scalable Solutions for Wind and Solar Distributed Generation A Study of Parallel Algorithms in a Smart Grid Environment

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Jianzhong Li
Feiping Yang
Yu Chen
Li Ao
Wei Xiao


The main application of the informative data in the sector which are related to the energy are defines and explains as one of the crucial elements of Energy Internet. The advancement of the grid system are very vital as well as promising and faces many issues that are connected with the implementation of the renewable energy including solar and wind energy. The capacity of collecting of the data is the main elements of make are easy in taking decisions. The advancement of the technologies and its improvement has many benefits and advantages which was shown by the data analytic of the renewable source of energy in the various power stations. This is the framework which shows the development and growth of the potential establishment of the analyzation of the data and information in the smart grid and the utilities of power by the renewable resources. The seven domains and approaches are used for the purposed of predicting the stability, flexibility and safety from the advancement of the grid system. The secondary qualitative methods are used to define and explain the importance of the grid system in relation with the renewable source of energy that is wing and solar energy.

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Special Issue - Scalability and Sustainability in Distributed Sensor Networks