Optimization Study of Grid Access for Wind Power System Considering Energy Storage

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Xubo Le
Qiuhua Chen
Minjie Zhu
Yucheng Gao
Bingye Zhang


This study gives an optimized study with details discussion of the access of wind power grid systems and the energy storage that is high in demand in recent days. The wind power system is a renewable energy resource that can help to meet the need or crisis of energy related to the fuel resources that are being increased in recent times. This is also helpful where energy access related to the power supply is difficult. This may also help the places where the shortage of energy and power supply is faced. There are some issues that are faced at different times that are related to the maintenance and handling of the power grid of the wind turbines. The technical process of handling the machines and the one-time cost of investment on it at the first time is also difficult. There are some benefits of the wind power grid with high energy storage capacity that may help to fulfill the demand for energy that is the main issue of the total system of power supply nowadays. The issues should be mitigated with the help of expert and at the coastal area where there is plenty of continuous flow of wind may be helpful with supply of power supply with wind. These advanced systems hold the potential to mitigate the pervasive energy demand issues plaguing contemporary power supply systems. By expertly addressing these challenges and strategically locating wind power grids, especially in coastal areas with consistent wind flow, the dependable supply of electrical energy can be significantly enhanced, thereby offering an effective solution to the prevailing energy supply challenges of our time.

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Special Issue - Scalability and Sustainability in Distributed Sensor Networks