Evaluation and Selection of Manufacturing Suppliers under the Perspective of Smart Manufacturing Combined with Bilevel Programming

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Feng Du


To address the issue of supplier evaluation and selection in the current intelligent manufacturing industry, a supplier intelligent evaluation and selection model combining bilevel programming is proposed. Firstly, based on existing research results and the current situation of the manufacturing market, a manufacturing supplier evaluation index system is constructed, and the principal component analysis method is used to simplify it; Then, the simplified indicator system is input into the back propagation neural network to build a supplier intelligent evaluation model and achieve supplier intelligent evaluation; A mathematical model for supplier selection problem is constructed based on bilevel programming, and an optimized sparrow search algorithm is put forward to solve it. A supplier intelligent selection model is constructed to achieve intelligent supplier selection. The lab findings denote that the F1 value of the supplier intelligent evaluation model is 0.953, the accuracy is 0.985, the area under the curve is 0.962, and the error of the output comprehensive evaluation value is 0.003; The output accuracy of the supplier intelligent selection model is 0.8. The above results indicate that the model raised in the article has good  application effects in supplier evaluation and selection, and has a certain promoting effect on the development of the intelligent manufacturing industry.

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Special Issue - Data-Driven Optimization Algorithms for Sustainable and Smart City