Decision-making Support Platform and Security Design for Rural Leisure Tour Industry based on SEA Method and SVR Model

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Yunzi Gu


An accurate short-term passenger flow forecast of rural tourism can avoid accidents as much as possible. However, the short-term passenger flow of rural leisure tourism shows nonlinear, seasonal, random, and other complex characteristics. Meanwhile, the traditional forecasting methods are often difficult to achieve accurate forecasting. Therefore, this study now used the nonlinear mapping function in the support vector regression to convert the passenger traffic training sample into a high-dimensional feature space and established a linear decision function. Then the influence of periodicity on the prediction effect through seasonal index adjustment was reduced. Finally, event triggering combined with core embedding technology for tamper-proof detection was adopted to improve the security of the platform. The results showed that the minimum absolute error of prediction with improved SVM model was 0.27% compared with traditional model and autoregressive integrated moving average model. After the introduction of the Internet search factor, the traffic prediction result was more accurate, which was 0.0425 smaller than that without the introduction of the Internet search factor. When the concurrency was less than 100 times/s, the average response time difference before and after adding the core embedded program was small, indicating that the security of page tampering technology was high. This research method can effectively predict the passenger flow of rural leisure tourism industry and ensure the safety of the platform.

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Special Issue - Data-Driven Optimization Algorithms for Sustainable and Smart City