Verification and Optimization of Network Security Defense System from the Perspective of Blue Army in Actual Offensive and Defensive Exercises

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Zhouyuan Liao
Zhenhong Zhang
Ying Yan


From the point of view of signal camouflage, this paper proposes an active network defense system. Then, the optimal camouflage target selection scheme is proposed. Its goal is to solve the problems existing in the information constructionof Chinese military equipment support. This method establishes a multistage game model based on weapon support informationnetwork attack and defense. The attack and defense benefits are quantitatively calculated based on the cost of signal concealment. The solution to the refined Bayesian balance problem is given. Then, a multistage optimization algorithm for camouflage signal selection is proposed. Finally, experimental research proves the proposed algorithm to be reasonable and practical.

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Special Issue - Graph Powered Big Aerospace Data Processing