Application of CNC Robots in Deep Learning Intelligent Construction of Green Buildings

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Wei Zhang


In order to achieve automated cleaning of photovoltaic devices in green buildings and reduce the labor intensity of workers, the author has developed a photovoltaic device intelligent cleaning CNC robot intelligent cleaning system. Through the analysis of the use of the green building photovoltaic device, the green building photovoltaic device cleaning robot and its cleaning system are designed according to the environmental situation and the use requirements. This intelligent cleaner system consists of a transmission guidance system, a cleaning system, and a control system, using only one motor to complete the overall action, at the same time, an independent walking mechanism is designed, and the walking wheel system is not in contact with the photovoltaic device, which does not harm the photovoltaic device, at the same time, it can cross two adjacent photovoltaic panels with included angles to achieve the function of cleaning complex photovoltaic panel surfaces for a single device, the cleaning layer design has a diagonal protrusion similar to a spiral output, which can automatically discharge accumulated dust from the cleaning roller while cleaning, providing a certain self-cleaning function, extending the replacement cycle of the cleaning layer, and can be used for both dry and wet purposes. Realize wet cleaning; when the cleaning solution is not used, use the cleaning layer and its surface oblique raised to remove dust, achieve dry cleaning. On the whole, the robot structure is reasonable, simple control process and high degree of automation, which can effectively solve the cleaning problem of green building photovoltaic devices, and can provide effective guarantee for the efficient work of photovoltaic devices.

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Special Issue - Deep Learning-Based Advanced Research Trends in Scalable Computing