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Marcin Paprzycki


Dear Readers,

This time, instead of the usual Editorial written by one of my colleagues, I am writing a brief explanatory note. As many of you have noticed, over the last 3 years, the speed of publication of our PDCP journal has slowed beyond any reasonable pace. I do not want to point fingers at the publisher as in some ways we share the blame. Instead I prefer to look into the future. After the initial 5 years contract has run out, we have decided that it will be in the best interest if we (Editors and our Publisher) parted our ways.

Since we were to go through changes anyway, we have decided to make a number of changes. First, in an e.ort to acknowledge the changes that occurred in the world of computing, our journal will change its name to Scalable Computing: Practice and Experience. Second, since the new journal will be published by Warsaw School of Social Psychology ( it will receive a new ISSN number. Furthermore, to recognize the fact that the new journal is a continuation of the original PDCP we have decided to continue the numbering structure and thus the first issue of the new journal will be published as Volume 6, Number 1. However, to make clear that the new journal started appearing in 2005, this will be the date of publication.

The most important decision, however, was to make the new journal appear only in an electronic form. Let me stress, that while each contribution will be refereed by at least two referees and we will publish only very high quality submissions, the form of publication will be electronic only. For each issue we will publish a single PDF/PS file containing a complete issue and separate files containing each paper.

Since Warsaw School of Social Psychology became a publisher and sponsor of our journal, we will be able to provide content free of charge. Furthermore, we would like to offer a subscription service that will allow you to receive tables of content of published issues. Subscription mechanism requires address confirmation and we promise that personal information stored in our database will remain completely confidential and will not be sold and/or shared with anyone.

Our first order of business is to clean the queue of old special issues and papers. And we plan to complete this process by the end of this year. In the meantime I would like to invite you to submit papers and/or suggest Special Issues. Let us make the new SCPE a great e-journal.

Sincerely Yours,
Marcin Paprzycki

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