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Wilson Rivera
J. Seguel


Guest Editors' Introduction

Grid computing focuses on building a large-scale computing infrastructure by linking computing facilities at many distributed locations. Significant effort has been spent in the design and implementation of middleware software for enabling Grid computing systems. These software packages have been successfully deployed and it is now possible to build clusters beyond the boundaries of a single local area network. However, the challenging problem of dynamically allocating resources in response to application requests for computational services remains unsolved. Adaptive middleware is software that resides between the application and the computer operating system and enables an application to adapt to changing availability of computing and networking resources. The papers for this special issue, presented for the First International Workshop on Adaptive Grid Middleware (AGridM2003), convey state-of-the-art adaptive Grid middleware and deliver important new scientific results of interest to the whole community.

Wilson Rivera,
Jaime Seguel
University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez

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