Exploiting Shared Ontology with Default Information for Web Agents

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Yinglong Ma
Beihong Jin
Mingquan Zhou


When different agents communicate with each other, there needs to be
some way to ensure that the meaning of what one agent embodies is
accurately conveyed to another agent. It has been argued that
ontologies play a key role in communication among different agents.
However, in some situations, because there exist terminological
heterogeneities and incompleteness of pieces of information among
ontologies used by different agents, communication among agents will
be very complex and difficult to tackle. In this paper, we proposed
a solution to the problem for these situations. We used distributed
description logic to model the mappings between ontologies used by
different agents and further make a default extension to the DDL for
default reasoning. Then, base on the default extension of the DDL
model, a complete information query can be reduced to checking
default satisfiability of the complex concept corresponding to the

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