A Historical Analysis of Fiber Based Optical Bus Parallel Computing Models

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Brian J. d'Auriol
Maria Beltran


A comprehensive overview and survey of the developments
in optical bus parallel computing models is presented in this paper. The first model
proposed was the APPB in 1990. Since then, in the order of their
appearance, the remaining nine models surveyed are: APPBS, ASOS, LPB, RASOB,
Research trends observed from this analysis indicate periods of model
development leading to more and more sophistication and complexity in the model,
followed by periods of model simplifications. These periods appears to occur in cycles.
We note the widespread and global research interest in these models. The three
most popular models appear to be RASOB, AROB and LARPBS.
We also have analyzed a crucial aspect of these models, the bus cycle
time definitions, and have determined inaccuracies in most of the definitions
appearing in the literature. We also provide refinement to the
definitions to correct such inaccuracies.

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