Afpac: Enforcing consistency during the adaptation of a parallel component

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J. Buisson
F. Andre
J.-L. Pazat


Grid architectures are execution environments that are known to
be at the same time distributed, parallel, heterogeneous and dynamic.
While current tools focus solutions for hiding distribution,
parallelism and heterogeneity, this approach does not fit well
their dynamic aspect. Indeed, if applications are able to adapt
themselves to environmental changes, they can benefit from it to
achieve better performance.
This article presents Afpac, a tool
for designing
self-adaptable parallel components that can be assembled to build
applications for Grid. This model includes the definition of a
consistency criterion for the dynamic adaptation of SPMD components.
We propose
a solution to implement this criterion. It has been
evalued using both synthetic and real codes to exhibit the behavior of
several proposed strategies.

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