Service-oriented Symbolic Computing with SymGrid

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Dana Petcu
Alexandru Carstea
Georgiana Macariu
Marc Frincu


Recent software engineering concepts, like software as a service,
allow the extension of the legacy code lifetime and the reduction of
software maintenance costs. In particular, exposing computer algebra
systems as services allows not only the integration in complex
service-oriented architectures but also their further development.
While existing standards may be used for service deployment,
discovery and interaction, the particularities of services to be
built require specialized solutions. A recent technical approach
aimed at integrating legacy computer algebra systems into modern
service-oriented architectures is presented and discussed in detail
in this paper. A special emphasis is put on the ability to compose
symbolic services in complex computing scenarios. A short
description of how such systems were extended to allow the access of
external services is provided as well. The proposed approach was
implemented into a specific framework, namely, SymGrid-Services.
Simple examples are provided to demonstrate usefulness of the framework.

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