Mobile Agent Systems Integration into Parallel Environments

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David E. Singh
Alejandro Miguel
Felix Garci­a
Jesus Carretero


In this work MASIPE, a tool for monitoring parallel applications, is presented. MASIPE is a distributed tool that gives support to user-defined mobile agents, including functionalities for creating and transferring these agents through different compute nodes. In each node, the mobile agent can access the node information as well as the memory space of the parallel program that is being monitored. In addition, MASIPE includes functionalities for managing and graphically displaying the agent data. In this work, its internal structure is detailed and an example of a monitored scientific application is shown. We also perform a study of the MASIPE requirements (in terms of CPU and memory) and we evaluate its overhead during the program execution. Experimental results show that MASIPE can be efficiently used with minimum impact on the program performance.

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