Web portal for large-scale computations based on Grid and MPI

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Assel Zh. Akzhalova
Daniar Y. Aizhulov
Galymzhan Seralin
Gulnar Balakayeva


The real and specific problem that underlies the Grid concept is
coordinated resource sharing and problem solving in dynamic,
multi-institutional virtual organizations. This concept is
realized in the most popular problem solving environments (PSEs)
such as NetSolve and WebPDELab. These systems use some approaches
to computational Grids and Web browser interfaces to back-end
computing resources. The aim of our work is to build PSE
implemented as a Web portal that allows clients to choose the most
appropriate services to solve some problems using of
matrix-algebra and numerical methods based on MPI techniques. In
addition, it is available to extend the library of the Web-portal
by loading computational algorithms. The proposed system allows to
users a rapid prototyping of ideas, detailed analysis, and higher

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