Qinna: a component-based framework for runtime safe resource adaptation of embedded systems

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Laure Gonnord
Jean-Philippe Babau


Even if hardware improvements have increased the performance of
embedded systems in the last years, resource problems are still
acute. The persisting problem is the constantly growing complexity
of systems, which increase the need for reusable developement
framework and pieces of code. In the case of PDAs and smartphones,
in addition to classical needs (safety, security), developers must
deal with quality of service (QoS) constraints, such as resource

Qinna was designed to face with these problems. In this paper, we
propose a complete framework to express ressource constraints during
the developpement process. We propose a component-based
architecture, which generic components and algorithms, and a
developpement methodology, to manage QoS issues while developing an
embedded software. The obtained software is then able
to automatically adapt its behaviour to the physical resources,
thanks to \g{degraded modes}. We illustrate the methodology and the
use of Qinna within a case study.

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