VOFS: A Secure Churn-Tolerant Grid File System

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Leif Lindbäck
Vladimir Vlassov
Shahab Mokarizadeh
Gabriele Violino


A Grid computing environment allows forming Virtual Organizations (VOs) to aggregate and share resources.
We present a VO File System (VOFS) which is a secure VO-aware distributed file system that allows VO members to share files within a VO.
VOFS supports access and location transparency by maintaining a common file namespace,
which is decentralized to avoid a single point of failure in order to improve robustness of the file system.
VOFS includes a P2P system of file servers, a VO membership service and a policy and role based security mechanism
that protects the VO files from unauthorized access.
VOFS can be mounted to a local file system in order to access files using a standard POSIX file API.
VOFS can operate in a dynamic Grid environment (e.g. desktop Grids) since it is able to tolerate unplanned resource arrival and departure (churn)
while maintaining a single uniform namespace.
It supports transparent disconnected operations that allow the user to work on cached files while being disconnected.
Furthermore, VOFS is a user level technique, and the current WebDAV-based VOFS prototype can operate under any operating system
that has WebDAV mount support.

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