Prediction and Load Balancing System for Distributed Storage

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Renata Słota
Darin Nikolow
Stanisław Polak
Marcin Kuta
Mariusz Kapanowski
Kornel Skałkowski
Marek Pogoda
Jacek Kitowski


National Data Storage is a distributed data storage system
intended to provide high quality backup, archiving and data access
services. These services
guarantee high level of data protection as well as high performance
of data storing and retrieval by using replication
techniques. Monitoring and data access prediction are necessary for
successful deployment of replication. Common Mass Storage System Model
(CMSSM) is used to present a storage performance view of
storage nodes in unified way for monitoring and prediction purposes.
%for heterogenios data storage systems.
In this paper some conceptual and implementation details on using CMSSM for
creating a Prediction and Load Balancing Subsystem for replica
management are presented. Real system test results are
also shown.

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