TTL-Chord: A Chord-based Approach for Semantic Web Services Discovery

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Mohamed Gharzouli
Youcef Messelem
Mohamed Elhadi Bounas


Recently, P2P-based discovery methods for semantic Web services
require special attention from collaboration and interoperability in distributed computing environment. In this paper, we present an
approach for semantic Web services discovery through a structured P2P network based on Chord. This protocol is chosen because it is
scalable and still achieves very good resilience and proximity performance. However, because the discovery of Web services is made
semantically, the search time will be significant. For this reason, we integrate a proposed algorithm into original implementation of
Chord, where we mark the sent requests by a TTL (Time To Live). After this proposition, we present some experimental results
wherever we analyze and discuss the influence of the TTL on the discovery operation and on the network stability.

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