Software modernization and cloudification using the ARTIST migration methodology and framework

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Andreas Menychtas
Kleopatra Konstanteli
Juncal Alonso
Leire Orue-Echevarria
Jesus Gorronogoitia
George Kousiouris
Christina Santzaridou
Hugo Bruneliere
Bram Pellens
Peter Stuer
Oliver Strauss
Tatiana Senkova
Theodora Varvarigou


Cloud computing has leveraged new software development and provisioning approaches by changing the way
computing, storage and networking resources are purchased and consumed. The variety of cloud offerings on both technical
and business level has considerably advanced the development process and established new business models and value chains for
applications and services. However, the modernization and cloudification of legacy software so as to be offered as a service still
encounters many challenges. In this work, we present a complete methodology and a methodology instantiation framework for the
effective migration of legacy software to modern cloud environments.

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