Regulated Condition-Event Matrices for Cloud Environments

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Richard M. Wallace
Patrick Martin
Jose Luis Vazquez-Poletti


Distributed event-based systems (DEBS) are networks of computing devices. These systems have been successfully implemented by commercial vendors. Cloud applications depend on message passing and inter-connectivity methods exchanging data and performing inter-process communication. Both DEBS and Clouds need time-coordinated methods of control not dependent on a single time domain. While DEBS have specific implementation languages for complex events, Cloud systems do not. Clouds and DEBS have not yet presented an explicit separation of temporally based event processing from computations. Using a regulated, isomorphic, temporal architecture (RITA), a specific language and separation of temporal event processing from processing computation is achieved. RITA provides a functional programming style for developers using familiar language constructs for integration with existing processing code without forcing the developer to work in multiple coding paradigms requiring extensive ``glue code" allowing coding paradigms to work together. This paper introduces RITA as a guarded condition-event system that has explicit separation of event processing and computation with constructs allowing integration of time-aware events for multiple time domains found in Cloud or existing distributed computing systems.

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