Design and Application of College Online Education Platform Based on WebRTC

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Guoliang Li
Rixing Wang
Qikun Zhou


Web based real time communication enhances the current online education platform by blending it with virtual universities by the means of internet. This article explored the designing perspective of College Online Education Platform in order to provide distance education services, instant messaging, interactive online classes, video answering and video viewing functions. A media server cluster load balancing algorithm based on consistency hash algorithm and genetic algorithm is proposed in this article. This article is focused on designing and practical implementation of a fusion communication platform combined with WebRTC and related technologies to deliver online education system in colleges and universities. The online education system is tested and the test results show that the online education system designed and implemented in this paper can meet the expected needs. The media server cluster load balancing strategy proposed in this paper can ensure the cluster overall load balancing. At the same time, the node weight can be dynamically adjusted according to the real-time state of the clusters. The outcomes obtained justifies the efficiency and practicability of the proposed methodology.

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