Performance Evaluation of Micro Automatic Pressure Measurement Sensor for Enhanced Accuracy

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Shuiquan Zhu


The major objective of this research is to design sensitive components, conversion components, and various sensor circuits to achieve the miniaturization design for more accurate measurements. This article conducts performance testing on the designed miniaturized pressure sensor to determine whether it meets the qualified standards. The response time of designed sensor results increases with the increase of pressure under experimental conditions of different pressure application values (5MPa to 50MPa). The detection accuracy of the micro automatic pressure measurement sensor designed in this paper can reach 0.0452\%; the average pressure is 0.00364%, and the insulation resistance is 68.44 megohms, which meets reliability requirements. The sensitivity is 0.0582%; the nonlinearity is 0.0741%; the hysteresis is 0.0266%; the repeatability of 0.0625% meets the qualification standard for this instrument. Still, compared with traditional sensors, the sensor reduces the response time of results by about 60%. However, the author conducted the detection in an ideal environment. The actual working environment of sensors is relatively good. Therefore, the detection results obtained in this article may have some errors compared to the actual situation, and further analysis and testing are needed to optimize the performance of the designed sensor.

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Special Issue - Next generation Pervasive Reconfigurable Computing for High Performance Real Time Applications