Application of Sports Video Image Analysis Based on Fuzzy Support Vector Machine

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Licheng Gao
Yawen Zhao


Sports video image has always been a hot topic in sports video processing. The theoretical and experimental analysis of digital image noise reduction technology is a challenging topic. In this paper, a sports video denoising algorithm is designed by combining the excellent characteristics of curvilinear transformation theory and fuzzy support vector machine. Firstly, the image with noise is curvilinear, and the conversion coefficient is obtained. Then, according to the distribution characteristics of the system noise, the system parameters are divided into space, and the system learning features are constructed. The fuzzy classification of high-frequency curves is realized using the adaptive threshold denoising method. Then, the noise reduction coefficient is reconstructed by the curve-wave method to obtain the processed image. The simulation results show that this method can overcome the pseudo-Gibbs effect effectively and suppress the noise well. This algorithm has a good application prospect in sports video image processing.

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Special Issue - Graph Powered Big Aerospace Data Processing