Instinct, Suprresion and Catharsis: The Psychological Source and Guidance of Teenagers' Network Ideology in the Era of Big Data

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Jiao Cheng
Feng Du


The unique educational attributes of the big data era can not only improve the audience's acceptance effect, but also accelerate the overall process of achieving ideological security education goals, playing a certain role in maintaining the unity of youth's thinking and daily behavior. Youth are the "core indigenous people" in the field of the Internet. Big data and mobile communication have brought new changes to the lifestyle and values of young people. In an era full of data, linking big data with life, work, and education is a contemporary issue that we should pay attention to and think about. The purpose of this study is to explore the psychological sources and guidance methods of adolescent online ideology in the era of big data. Firstly, through literature analysis and empirical research, we found that psychological factors such as instincts, repression, and venting among adolescents have a significant impact on their online ideology. Secondly, we utilized methods such as questionnaire surveys and in-depth interviews to explore the relationship between different psychological sources and online ideology. Finally, we propose a series of targeted guidance strategies, including enhancing self-awareness, cultivating a healthy mindset, and improving network literacy, to help teenagers establish the correct network ideology. It is necessary to strengthen the self-management awareness of teenagers, cultivate targeted opinion leaders, strengthen online supervision, establish and improve a risk prevention mechanism for online ideology, and promote mainstream ideology.

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Special Issue - Graph Powered Big Aerospace Data Processing