SCHeMoS -- Smart Cow Health Monitoring System: An IoT based Cow Hoof Detection and Healthcare Alert System by Using LSTM Network

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Durairaj K
Dhilip Kumar V
Kanagachidambaresan G.R.


Human life and existence are intertwined with a few domestic animals. One of the most important animals of this kind is the cow. Cows play a vital role in daily activities. Most of the people in India consume cow’s milk as one of their major nutrients. Monitoring the health of a cow’s everyday life is quite challenging. After infertility and mastitis, lameness is typically ranked as the third most economically significant health issue in dairy herds.Lameness are caused due to genetics, lack in nutrition i.e. a diet deficient in essential nutrients such as biotin, which can lead to hoof problems. Due to geographical environments like cows kept in wet, muddy conditions are more likely to develop hoof problems. This investigation analyses the typical characteristics of cow behavior, and a Smart Cow Health Monitoring System (ScHeMoS) using IoT is proposed to identify the cow’s health through the data obtained from Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, including position, body temperature, stability, acceleration, and animal feed. IoT is combined with Deep learning (DL) technique to monitor and diagnose animal health. We used the Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) network to predict cow lameness by capturing the body temperature and other parameters, which will aid in predicting their illness. The accelerometer values are stored so that it will further help to determine which cow is lame and which is pregnant or regular and could be intimated to the care takers in the farms. We utilised a self collected dataset to perform the investigation. By implementing this system, we achieved 92.45\% accuracy and 0.92 as F1 score.

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Special Issue - Scalable Dew Computing for future generation IoT systems