Mobile Smart App and its Application in Improving the Efficiency of English Homework Correction

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Huiying Shao
Zan Liu


The heavy amount of English homework correction has resulted in Teachers’ lax examination of homework, insufficient attention to homework problems, and low attention to homework correction. With the continuous growth of the number of educated people, more and more schools begin to have the problem of low efficiency of English homework correction. Therefore, in order to optimize the homework correction system, improve the efficiency of English teachers’ homework correction, and give full play to teachers’ positive feedback on homework, a smart app on mobile phone can be developed to scan and correct traditional paper homework. Based on image processing technology and neural network algorithm, this paper designs and establishes a mobile app that can recognize and extract English homework topics and handwriting with nearly 90\% accuracy through Android system platform. Based on the homework answers entered in the database, the rapid correction of English homework can be realized. After using this software, the overall efficiency of English homework grading has significantly improved. For multiple-choice and fill in the blank questions, the total factor productivity of 14 and 15 units was greater than 1, accounting for 63.6\% and 68.1\% of the nursing units participating in the study, respectively. This indicates that the efficiency of English homework grading in most units is constantly improving and showing a good development trend. Among them, the homework correction efficiency for multiple-choice questions is only 6 units, and the pure technical efficiency is less than 1, indicating that the improvement of technical means has a significant impact on efficiency. In order to verify the applicability of the software, data envelopment analysis is used to analyze the application of the mobile app to improve the efficiency of English homework correction. the results show that when the smart phone software is not put into use, the efficiency of teachers’ English homework correction is poor, and the technical level in the process of correction is too low. After the mobile intelligent software is put into use, the overall efficiency of English homework correction has increased significantly, which can greatly alleviate the pressure faced by English teachers in the process of correcting homework.

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Special Issue - Scalable Computing in Online and Blended Learning Environments: Challenges and Solutions