A Fault Tolerance Solution for Sequential and MPI Applications on the Grid

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Gabriel Rodri­guez
Xoan C. Pardo
Maria J. Marti­n
Patricia Gonzalez
Daniel Di­az


The Grid community has made an important effort in developing middleware to provide different functionalities, such as resource discovery, resource management, job submission or execution monitoring. As part of this effort this paper addresses the design and implementation of an architecture (CPPC-G) based on services to manage the execution of fault tolerant applications on Grids. The CPPC (Con­troller/Pre­com­piler for Portable Checkpointing) framework is used to insert checkpoint instrumentation into the code of sequential and MPI applications. Designed services will be in charge of submission and monitoring of the execution of CPPC-instrumented applications, management
of checkpoint files generated by the fault-tolerant applications,
and detection and automatic restart of failed executions.

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