An Adaptive and Scalable Replication Protocol on Power Smart Grids

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Joan Navarro
Jose Enrique Armendariz-Inigo
August Climent


Cloud based storage systems are known to provide high scalability and reliability overcoming the traditional constraints of static distributed systems. The processing capacity over thousands of machines makes this approach especially suitable for many environments. In particular, we focus on power networks. These systems are currently decentralizing their architectures due to the growth of renewable sources and the increasing power demand which are obstacles to the traditional power network radial distribution. This new decentralized architecture, which demands computing abilities for network monitoring and improving customer services, is denoted as power smart grid. This paper proposes a new scalable dynamic storage architecture and its associated replication protocol, with its correctness proof, aimed to store data with different consistency levels. In addition it is able to perform some parallel data computations adapting itself to the physical and dynamic power smart grid layout.

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